Healthy living means quality time for the whole family.


Most parents find it hard to be healthy role models for their kids. The YMCA believes it’s vital to establish healthy lifestyle habits at an early age so that children gain the confidence, motivation and motor skills they need to lead an active life.

“We’re the Giguère-Choquette family. There’s me, Sylvain (dad), Jessica (mom), Ludovic (6) and Xavier (7). Our story begins in 2013 when I decided to change my life. I signed up for the gym. I lost 200 pounds. In fact, my whole family joined me. Weights, boot camp, cycling for the grown-ups. Circus arts for the kids.

Since then, we’ve changed our habits. Everyone is very active. It’s become part of our lifestyle! Our weekends used to revolve around what was on TV. Now, it’s hard to remember a day we spent doing nothing. The kids saw us being active, so they’re doing the same. When they’re twenty, they’ll do it, not because they have to, but because it’s a part of them.

As Xavier would say, ‘Thanks for helping daddy get rid of his belly so he could come play with me.’”

By helping us offer activities to families like the Giguère-Choquettes, you are passing on the joy of active living and encouraging kids to adopt long-lasting healthy habits that will help them succeed throughout the course of their lives.

Our impact

70 000

people improved their health and quality of life through exercise.

7 750

seniors (members and participants in our community programs) stayed active and connected to their community.

5 500

children learned how to swim.